Friendship Goals

Hey Guys!


Today I am going to share you my friendship goals. I know everyone has friends my ideas might have new ways to have fun and make more memories with your dear best friends.

What are Friendship goals?

-These are activities or something you really want to do with your friends.Friends are one of the important people in your life.When people have friendships that are wished for everybody like a friendship with trust, love and honesty.Friendship goals are that kind of friendship that everybody would like to have. They trust themselves and are immersed on all the good things.

This are my 8 Friendship goals:

1. Go to a Maid Cafe– I want to enjoy the food and the cafe with my friends


2. Go Skydiving– I want to experience making formation with my friends on the sky.

images (1)

3.Create a new Milkshake recipe– Me and my friends love milkshakes and making a new kind of milkshake will make it more memorable and tasty.

images (2)

4.Ride camels in the desert– Me and my friends love exploring and riding on camels already sounds exciting.

download (2)

5. Go to a Cat cafe– I love cats and so are my friends so going to a cafe with cats is so memorable and cute.


6.Go to Alaska– Alaska is a beautiful place to explore with all that snow and mountains.

download (1)

7.Go hiking– like I said me and my friends love to explore and hiking on mountains  will be amazing.


8.Build a garden– I want to make a garden where me and my friends can relax and enjoy being with one another.

download (3)

Well that are my 8 friendship goals that I really want to do with my friends.I hope you like my blog post for today, and I hope you will still read my next posts




13 Ways to Survive the STE Program

download (1).png


As what you see above I will talk about 13 ways to survive STE program. Well you see I am an STE student of Sorsogon National High School, a grade 8(2nd year highschool) ,so I already survived grade 7(1st year highschool).The STE program is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Being a STE students is quite stressing because of the amount of work they give us, and the amount they give us is so many, but it also help students to learn new things and have challenging experiences . If you already read my “STE week” blog post they made that event to take a break from all the stress we’ve encountered, and I really did had a rest from the stress.Enough of that I will now show you the 13 ways to survive STE Program(again short explanations).

1.Always be on time                                                                                                                      -You should not be late for school,because you might miss important lessons that teachers cannot repeat it. And can cause low grades

2.Take notes                                                                                                                                     -We STE students of SNHS don’t have complete books so we need to listen and take notes of important stuff. The notes can be reference to projects and you can review in tests, quizzes

3.Review and study                                                                                                                         -We should always study hard because that is a duty of a student, we must study and review to maintain our grades. Review past lessons and study hard on them, recall all the important lessons needed in tests or quizzes.

4.Be Productive                                                                                                                                 -We must be productive so we can finish work on time and lessen work and stress. Being productive is what we should maintain in being an STE student.

5.Manage your time                                                                                                                        -Time Management is important in being an STE student, we have overloaded work and we need to give the right mount of time in each homework,activity,project,etc….

6.Be focused                                                                                                                                      -Always do your school work first before unimportant business. We should always stay focused on school or in your homes.

7.Be kind to others                                                                                                                          -Attitude is also graded in the STE curriculum so be kind to others, don’t bully or hurt people physically or mentally.Doing bad actions will cause to bad results. Be respectful to others.

8.Participate in class discussions                                                                                                 -Some people get bored with some lessons,so they just ignore it,resulting to poor grades. Participate in discussions even if it is boring, listen and understand the lesson to clarify your problems about the lesson.

9.Pass your outputs on time                                                                                                          -Passing your outputs late lowers your grade,so we need to pass them on time. It isn’t fair to give the same grade to people who passed it late.

10.Be a great group mate                                                                                                              -Be nice to your group mates, and share ideas and opinions to the others. Help them if they are confused in the activity.

11.Be Confident                                                                                                                               -Don’t loose confidence in front of people,because you will need a lot of it when you are in STE. You will always report in front , this reporting is part of the performance tasks, so you need to rise to the challenge.

12.Always do your best                                                                                                                 -You should always do your best in everything. Passing outputs that have no efforts have low grades, it doesn’t matter if it is a performance task,written outputs, or exams it must be created with effort.

13.Don’t skip classes                                                                                                                       -Skipping classes really affects your grade because you can’t cope with the other lessons because you missed one. Always be present in school to learn new knowledge and use it in the future.

Well that is my 13 ways to survive STE program hope you enjoyed. Hope you will still read my next posts.


My Travel Destination


Today’s post will be all about my amazing travel destination(before I turn 30 of course). My travel destination will be Japan, it is always been my dream to go and explore the country of the rising sun. Japan is the most beautiful and amazing place to be ,so I always thought of going there. These are the reasons(it will be short again the laziness encouraged me) why I want to go to Japan:

  • Places

– The places/tourist destinations are mostly the reasons why I want to go there.Japan has the cleanest place and has the beautiful destinations .Here are some of the places I wanted to visit:

Tokyo – Capital city of Japan

Image result for Tokyo japan

Kyoto – Once the capital of Japan, famous for Buddhist temples, as well as gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines

Image result for kyoto japan

Mt.Fuji –  the symbol of Japan

Image result for mt fuji

Akihabara – (in)famous as the headquarters of everything manga, anime, and games, a colorful paradise for every geek and otaku

Image result for akihabara japan

Hokkaido –  is the second largest island of Japan, and the largest and northernmost prefecture.

Image result for hokkaido

  • Food

– Well I am a foodie myself so of course I’m going to list down the delicacies I want to taste when I go to Japan.












download (3)
  • Culture

– I want to experience the culture of japan, because they have wonderful culture that I want to learn here.

go to festivals

Image result for festivals of japanImage result for festivals of japan

wear their traditional clothing

download (5).jpgdownload (4).jpgdownload (6).jpg

visit their Shinto shrines

Well this is all the reasons why I want to go to Japan, I know its short I told you laziness encouraged me. I hope you liked and enjoyed my travel destination”Japan”.




30+1 Before 30 (My Bucket List)

Hello guys!

Today I will show you my bucket list that I will do before turning 30( I was forced to do this).So I will only give one reason for each task(I am lazy)

Here are my 30 tasks:

1)I will finish an awesome manga

-because I love drawing and manga.

2) Finish college

-I want to finish college and have a decent work

3)sketch a real person

-I really want to sketch someone

4) Go to Japan

-Anime and Manga are born there so I really want to see Japan.

5) Go to a J-pop concert

-There songs are amazing so I want to listen to it in a concert.

6)Speak fluent Japanese

-Because I don’t really like subtitles when I watch anime

7)Go Skydiving

-Skydiving is so exciting so I really want to try it

8)Cook foreign food(especially Japanese food)

-I always cook Filipino food so I would like to try something new

9)Be a pediatrician

-it was my dream since I was 3yrs old and I am not letting that dream go away.

10)Learn how to drive a vehicle

– I really want to drive car so I can travel to various places

11)Have 300+ friends

-I want to know the feeling to have 300+ friends

12) Create an anime

-It is one of my dreams since I was little

13)Be wealthy

-I am not rich

14)Invent something useful

-I sometimes thought of inventing something when I was 10

15)Meet my favorite authors

-I love everything that they write so I want to meet them

16)Have 30 cats

-I am a cat lover

17)Make a masterpiece

-I dream sometimes in being an artist

18)Give my mother a beautiful car

-My mother always wanted a car

19)Dye my hair into sky blue

-The anime hair is really cute so I really want that kind of color

20)Give my little sister her best gift ever

-I love my little sister so I want her to be always happy

21)Have a Siberian Husky for a pet dog

-Siberians are really cute so I want to adopt one.

22)Swim with the dolphins

-I always got curious when I see people swimming with dolphins, that I also want to try it

23)Make my father’s retirement the best

-I want to repay all the things that he gave to us because I love him.

24)Say sorry to all the people that I hurt

-Apologizing to all the people will lighten my feeling.

25)Marry someone

-of course I will find a husband in my late 20s.

26)have my own house

-I need to have my own house and not bother my family there.

27)Have my own private plane

-I want something that I can use for travelling in the future.

28)A place where I can draw

-Sometimes I want silence when I am drawing and a place to think

29)Have two children

-Having two children is enough for my family

30)Be the best mother

– I want my children to have a great mom


Well that are my tasks that I want to do before I turn 30yrs old.I hoped you liked my blog post today. I hope you will still read my next blog posts.









Today I will talk about my experience that happened on September 25 to 29, the event is called STE week and I will share everything. On 25 we were grouped into 15 sub camps and made our sub camp banner and yell, I was sub camp 15 the last sub camp. After making our yell & banners we showed it to everyone(it was a competition) sadly we were on 4th place in the yell. When we were finished we had played the friendship games, sadly we didn’t either we didn’t even had a chance to play the 2nd game because of time. After the games we went home and rest.

On the next day sub camp 1-7 went to Bulusan Lake and Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon, while 8-15 went to Bacon Beach. When we arrived at the resort each sub camp chose a cottage and rest for a bit and eat. Later each sub camp was given tasks to finished in a day.IMG20180926121413

When we almost finished our tasks we played games. After the games we made sandcastles. We finished our sandcastle and went back to our cottage and eat.

Human centipede

In the next game we played human centipede we raced until the very last person on the group gets wet wins, and sadly again we didn’t win(my sub camp is in front of the picture). After playing we finished the tasks that we received in the first activity. The next activity was  When we were finished we went home, it was tiring but fun!

On the next day all the sub camps went a dairy farm, they toured us around and thought us on how they get milk and test if it is safe for people.We saw a lot of cows and calves, even sheep and vegetables.

In the afternoon we had a lecture on Research(it is a branch of Science).In the next activity we had a team building activity and an Amazing Race. In the Amazing Race we ran all over the school to finish all the tasks, we need to disturb classes selfie with teachers and dangerous poses. In the evening we had an event called Mr. and Ms.STE. Each sub camp needs to perform on stage, it was really late and we were the last group so we were really tired and we just went home(we did not perform).IMG20180927183242.jpg

On the fourth day sub camp 1-7 went to Bacon beach and 8-15 went to Bulusan Lake and Prieto Diaz,Sorsogon. We first went to Bulusan Lake and went trekking, the lake was so beautiful when we went around it.

Image result for bulusan lake
Bulusan Lake

After trekking around the lake, we went to Preto Diaz to see the mangrove and starfish island. It was really huge and beautiful.

download (2)
Image result for starfish island in prieto diaz
Starfish Island

After exploring we went home and rest.

On the last day in the morning we had lectures and Updates in math and science, After that we were taught on safety measures in emergencies by the NDRRMC. We went home after that. On the afternoon we had a closing program.

In that 5 days we had fun and relieved our stress of being an STE student. Thank you for reading my post today. I hope you will still read my blog posts.



Me & Blogging


photo of orange yellow and red hello molding clay
Photo by Maria Tyutina on

I am Kyrine Espedido,I am a shy and friendly high school girl. I am also an anime and manga lover, but my blog will not be about that it will be about my thoughts and experiences in being a high school student. I am just an ordinary teenage girl who wanted to share her thoughts.

This is my first time in making a blog so this i just an introduction. I created this blog because this is activity in my ICT class. I don’t really want to write anything in this blog but my grades motivated me. While I write this done I began to enjoy making this blog so I am very happy that you read my first ever blog post .

Thank you for visiting and reading my first blog, I hope you will still read my next blog post.